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Cottonwood District

Club Leader Resources


4-H Volunteer Code of Conduct

Investing in Kansas 4-H Guide to Program Fees

Use of the 4-H Name and Emblem

KS 4-H CoBrand Policy

Club Data Form - Due September 27

Club Project Leader Form Due November 1

Club Goal Report - Due September 27

Civil Rights Statement

Club Financial Review Request - Due November 1

Club Financial Review Form - Due November 1

Extension Financial Review Responsibilities

Financial Review Checklist

Raffles in Kansas 4-H Policy

Fairgrounds Reservation Form

Yearly 4-H Club Planning Calendar

Dig In Form for Parent Involvement

Ellis 4-H VIP Certified Project Leaders
Essential Elements of Positive Youth Development
4-H Club Officer Installation Ceremony (Baking Cookies)
Volunteer Self Evaluation
Volunteer Self Evaluation / Program Evaluation
KS 4-H Volunteer Association

Project Leader Resources

Teens as Volunteer Leaders

Design Your Own Clover

Designing My Robot!
Qualities of a 4-H Project Leader Workshop Outline
Teaching Tool Cards
Project Leader Planning Form
Broccoli Judging Class
Paper Clip Angel
Sewing Machine Parts Activity
High Energy 4-H Club Traits
Risk Management Checklist for Youth Event Planning
Caring Coupons
Caring Questions
Human Treasure Hunt
Caring Coupon Hands
My Respect Rainbow
Science Inquiry Presentation
Asking Questions
Science Inquiry
Inquiry & Experiential Learning