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Cottonwood District

Cottonwood District

Barton County Office

3007 10th Street
Great Bend, KS 67530

620-793-1913 fax

Ellis County Office

601 Main Street
Hays, KS 67601

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Walk Kansas


Walk Kansas is an 8-week walking program encouraging family members, schoolmates, co-workers, friends, and neighbors to come together as a team. Participants will set goals for health and fitness. A Team Captain will recruit 5 people to make a 6-member team who will collectively walk 423 miles, the distance across Kansas. (For 2023 smaller teams or Solo teams are allowed, a team can be formed with only 4 members or you can be on your own on a special route.)

This is an exceptional opportunity to promote health and fitness to the entire family, from small children to grandparents, while building family unity. It's a great way to enjoy time together as a group or one-on-one with a child or teenager.

Walk Kansan in California

Here is Diane a Bt. Co. participant getting her WK Miles by strolling acrossed the Golden Gate. Keep walking Diane. Thanks for the pic.

                   Deines in SF


Watch a short video "Why I Walk"

2022 WK LOGO

March 26 through May 20, 2023
Register now for 2023!

Registrations are completed on line for 2023.
Checks for registration fees can be mailed to or dropped off at the Extension office in your county.

Click on the logo above or the link below to start the process.




For 2023 all shirts are ordered with your completed registration & are shipped to you directly from NZone using your debit or credit card.

    To order Walk Kansas Apparel use this link.

Here are the styles &
colors available soon for 2023.


2023 WK Apparel pic


2023 Captain's Packet

2023 Participant's Packet


Walk Kansas Smart Phone App Directions


Apple iOSapp WK App

New for 2023!!! Android WK App!!


WK-Android App

Watch a short clip from K-State on how to properly do a squat.



Concerned about your bone health? Take a few minutes to watch this short video from
Dr. Susan Brown.
It could be just what you need.



Watch a video spot from K-State on how to properly do a squat using a dumbbell.

Useful Info to keep you healthy.

Physical Activity Guidelines 2nd Edition

Move Your Way - Adults

Move Your Way - Kids

Move Your Way - Older Adults

Move Your Way - Parents

Healthful Whole Grains

Counting Fruits & Vegetables

Don't Just Sit There!



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