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Cottonwood District

Northwest 4-H Judging- Super Saturday - March 21, 2020

Northwest 4-H Judging is a statewide 4-H and FFA event will be held March 21, 2020. Youth take part in Crops, Entomology, Horticulture, Life Skills, Livestock and Photography contests.  Here's the flier.  There are also project workshops and a 4-H Volunteer Gathering.  Don't miss out on all of the great learning opportunities that Super Saturday has to offer!!

2020 Northwest 4-H Judging Results


Beginning Crops Results

Intermediate Crops Results

Senior Crops Results

Beginning Entomology Results

Intermediate Entomology Results

Senior Entomology Results

Beginning Horticulture Results

Intermediate Horticulture Results

Senior Horticulture Results

Beginning Lifeskills Results

Intermediate Lifeskills Results

Senior Lifeskills Results

Beginning Livestock Results

Intermediate Livestock Results

Senior Livestock Results

Beginning Photography Results

Intermediate Photography Results

Senior Photography Results