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Cottonwood District

Cottonwood District

Barton County Office

1800 12th Street
Great Bend, KS 67530

620-793-1913 fax

Ellis County Office

601 Main, Suite A
Hays, KS 67601

785-621-2002 fax

Cottonwood District

Congratulations to Barton and Ellis Counties in forming the Cottonwood Extension District. Extension Districts are an exciting opportunity to provide communities with additional resources, activities and programs. While working together as a district, extension offices are able to be more efficient, effective and sustainable and agents are able to specialize and provide more in-depth programming while having access to additional resources and support.

The Cottonwood District effectively formed July 1, 2017. Please visit our individual county web pages as we work to build our district website. Thank you! 

Cottonwood District Newsletter--Summer Edition 2017

Cottonwood District Newsletter July 2017