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Watching Songbirds

Attracting Birds to Your Home

If you have ever sat and watched beautiful songbirds, you may have wondered how you could bring these colorful wildlife species to your home. All wildlife, including birds, need four basic things to keep them happy; food, cover, water, and nesting areas.

First, design your landscape to create cover by using masses of different types of plants including deciduous trees and shrubs, and evergreen trees. Different species of songbirds prefer different types of plants for nesting and winter cover so plan a variety into the plantings.

Select plants that provide flowers for nectar, and fruits, berries, or nuts for year round feeding. You may wish to supplement this source with bird feeders. Birds also need a source of water. Be sure to keep the water from freezing as long as the birds are feeding in the yard. Place the water where it can easily be seen from the house.

Watching birds can provide hours of fun for the whole family and with just a little planning your yard can become a bird sanctuary.