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Cottonwood District

Trees and Shrubs

Looking for the perfect tree for your lawn or windbreak? Check out the Recommended Trees for NW Kansas




Do you think your tree has a disease? 'Click' on an image below to research information about various tree diseases we have in Northwest Kansas.

deciduous tree  pine 

conifer  fruit



Spotlight Video: How to plant a tree

plant a tree




Questions on how to prune your trees or shrubs? 'Click' on the names below to find out how! 

Pruning Peaches, Plums, Cherries, and Other Stone Fruits

Pruning Apple and Pear Trees 

Pruning Shrubs

All About Pruning


Soil Testing

'Click' here to download the soil testing form for ornamentals. Once you have filled out your form, take it it to your local extension office and they will send it to K-State for you. There is a fee to send soil samples based on which type of sample(s) you choose.