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Extension Master Gardeners

What is the Extension Master Gardener Program?

The Extension Master Gardener Program is an educational volunteer training program sponsored by K-State Research and Extension. Through this program, individuals are trained and certified in horticulture and related areas. These individuals, in turn, volunteer their expertise and services to help others through horticulture projects that benefit the community.

Once trained, Extension Master Gardeners provide research based information to the public on many topics including water conservation, yard waste management, regional plant adaptability, and the environment.

The Master Gardeners work with their local Extension staff to develop educational programs that meet the horticultural needs of their local citizens. Projects may include school programs, demonstration gardens, speaker's bureau and answering questions on a horticulture hotline.


What does the Extension Master Gardener Training Provide?

The Northwest Extension Master Gardener training program provides over 40 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction in horticulture related areas. The Master Gardener Training for 2020 will be held in Hays as the Ellis County Extension Office 601 Main St. Classes will be on Wednesday's from 9am-4pm starting January 29 and continuing until March 11.

Topics covered in the training program include:

Basic Botany
Vegetable Gardening
Fruit Gardening
Turf Management
Herbaceous Ornamentals
Tree & Shrub Care
Woody Plants
Landscape Design
Native Plants & Pollinators
Pesticide Safety/ Pollinators
Plant Pathology


Courses are taught by horticulture specialists from Kansas State University and County Extension Agents.


What Does the Extension Master Gardener Program Require?

The first year, after receiving the basic training, Extension Master Gardeners are required to return 40 hours of service time on projects that benefit the community and events sponsored by their County Extension Office. Active participation is a commitment each individual is asked to make to the program.

After the first year, Extension Master Gardeners are asked to volunteer 20 hours and continue their education with 8 hours of advanced training.


Why Become An Extension Master Gardener?

Extension Master Gardeners become friends with many interesting and talented individuals. They share ideas with one another. Extension Master Gardeners never stop learning, but continue to grow in their knowledge of garden related issues.

Being an Extension Master Gardener is a fun, interesting, and rewarding experience!


Who Can Apply?

Anyone age 18 or over who has an interest in horticulture can apply. If you want to improve your skills and knowledge and like to work with people, the Extension Master Gardener program may be for you!


Application Process

Print the online Application and submit it to your local Extension Office. Applications are due no later than January 13, 2020. A minimum of 15 people must be pre-registered to hold the program.

Upon review of the application, all applicants will be contacted by January 18, 2020.


Program Cost

An enrollment fee of $110.00 covers the cost of all educational materials, 2 meals, snacks and a Master Gardener T-shirt.