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Money Management

Manage your Money

These educational programs from K-State Research and Extension are provided by the Ellis County Extension Office and presented by Linda Beech, County Extension Agent, FCS. Each program lasts approximately one hour. To schedule a presentation for your group, contact: Ellis County Extension Office, 601 Main Street, Suite A, Hays, KS; 785-628-9430; el@listserv.ksu.edu. Please allow as much lead time as possible for scheduling; a minimum attendance may be required for some programs.

Basic Budgeting

If you run out of money before you run out of month, you are not alone. While people work hard to earn an income, many don't know how– or work as hard– to plan how that income should be spent. A budget is a tool for getting the most from your money. Learn the basic steps for making a spending and saving plan which will help you manage your income and expenses.

Saving Dollars When You Don't Have a Dime to Spend

Saving money may be easier for some than others. This program will help you learn that the ability to save is more about attitude than income. It's not what a person makes, but how they choose to spend and save that makes the difference. Regular savers end up saving more than occasional savers, even when they save only a small amount at a time. Learn to identify spending choices which could be changed to develop a saving habit.

Financial Management Basics

Good money management skills will help to make your financial journey more stable and secure. This program takes a look at the basics of financial management– earning, budgeting, banking, investing and protecting assets. The greatest gift one can give themselves and their family is financial security. Learn how to begin!

Mastering Your Money

Want to strengthen your financial security and increase your financial sophistication? This program is ideal for those who want to learn to master their money. Topics include money personalities, financial goal-setting, and strategies for the first steps toward financial freedom.

Couples and Money

Is money a topic of discussion in your marriage? This program takes a light-hearted look at men and women and the way we handle money. Topics include different money personalities, setting mutual goals and tips for smart money management in challenging economic times. Learn how to strengthen your marriage and improve your financial security with a dash of humor added for fun!

Cash In With Coupons

If you want to use coupons, but don't know where to start, or want to become more efficient with your time and money while using coupons, this program is for you. Learn strategies to maximize the value of your coupons and how to organize them to save your time and sanity.

Be Waist and Wallet Wise

Think it costs too much to eat healthfully? This program will break the myth that it is too expensive to eat a nutritious diet. Healthy eating may actually save you money as you become waist and wallet wise! You don't even have to radically change your habits or deny yourself all of your favorites to trim calories and save dollars at the same time. Health and wealth are both important resources in life– and both can be improved by small, simple, intentional changes.