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Cottonwood District

How to Join 4-H

1   Contact the Extension Office for some new family information (4-H handouts and online enrollment information).

2   Review the Club Information page and identify a club from your area.

3   Contact the leader of that club and make a visit to their club.  

4   Enrollment online as soon as possible so that you can be added to the 4-H Newsletter mailing list.  (Click on the 4HOnline Logo to go to the login page.)

5   In order to participate in the Barton Co. Fair, all new members must be enrolled by March 1. All returning 4-H members must be re-enrolled by December 1st.
(Some projects have earlier deadlines. You'll want to check with the Extension Office for those deadlines.)


 4-H Online Login


Enrolling in 4H Online is not difficult but, to help
you make it even easier, take a look at this brochure.


Re-enrolling in 4H Online is easy peasy
but, if you need a refresher take a look here.


We love to have new 4-H members and you can never be to old to get started in 4-H! If you have any questions regarding the process of becoming a 4-H member, don't hesitate to call our 4-H agent,            Michelle Beran at (620) 793-1910. We look forward to meeting you!

Wondering what you can enroll in??
Take a peak
4-H Project Selection Guide